Controversy clouds summit

Controversy clouds summit
Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 8:46am

President Obama's agenda at the G-8 Summit in Northern Ireland has been clouded with Syrian Conflict and the U.S. Spying Program

President Obama is concluding his trip to Europe with meetings in Germany today.

His meetings with German leaders follow two-days of tough conversations at the G-8 Summit in Northern Ireland.

President Obama sits down with the German President and Chancellor Angela Merkel this morning for a day packed with meetings.

Their talks come amidst German upset over revelations about the U.S. spying program...

Yesterday the director of the National Security Agency defended their collection of emails and phone records, saying it's helped disrupt more than 50 terror plots. "These programs are critical to the intelligence community's ability to protect our nation and our allies' security," said Director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Keith Alexander.

On his first trip to Berlin since the 2008 election, the President had hoped to make significant headway on topics such as reducing nuclear stock piles and climate change.

Instead, he'll have to tackle issues raised during the two-day G-8 Summit in Northern Ireland.

On the war in Syria, leaders struggled to agree on the terms of a peace settlement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Cautioned Obama Against Arming The Rebels. "We take the view that any weapons to the opposition as a resulting measure from chemical weapons use can only exacerbate the situation," said Russian President Vladimir Putin, through a translator.

President Obama will also discuss U.S. plans to meet with Taliban leaders later this week - To discuss a peace resolution in Afghanistan. "Any insurgent group including the Taliban is going to need to accept an Afghan constitution that renounces ties with Al-Qaeda," said President Barack Obama.

Just yesterday, Afghan forces took the lead on the country's security the NATO Coalition...

Danielle Leigh, NBC News.

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