Congressman Cuellar speaks out about immigration crisis and what needs to be done


POSTED: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 5:56pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 7, 2014 - 8:35am

The influx of immigrants in South Texas is garnering attention from members of Congress to address the situation.

Congressman Henry Cuellar is looking at the numbers--not just the amount of people crossing the border illegally, but the dollar signs attached to this immigration crisis.

"We're talking about in the last 60 days, that's a 4.3 billion dollar request to help address this crisis that we're seeing," explained Cuellar. "This crisis is gonna get very expensive."

Right now, the cost to detain one immigrant child averages around $400-500 per day.

Cuellar says once you multiply that by the thousands of children that are already here and how many days they stay, the cost is excessive.

"It would be cheaper instead of detaining them here for long periods of time, it would be cheaper to quickly screen them, take care of them while they're here quickly, and then remove them as soon as possible."

The concept of detaining and removing immigrants is limited by the 2008 Human Trafficking Act which treats immigrants from countries other than Mexico differently.

While immigrants from Mexico are essentially expedited and removed, immigrants from non-contiguous countries are eventually transferred to the custody of HHS.

Cuellar insists adjusting this piece of legislation is necessary--but instead of reinventing the wheel, Cuellar believes in simply making it roll better.

"All we have to do is tweak the 2008 Human Trafficking Act," said Cuellar. "Unfortunately, the way this law was written, people can just come in, get across the river and say 'I'm in,' and after that the system is gonna take a long time, and they're basically here for years or even longer."

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Please, please, please understand these people (mostly children) are fleeing a violent and dangerously life threatening environment. many have been told that the people of the United States are "exceptionally" kind. Many have seen people like Bush, Obama and Cuellar point an accusatory finger at other nations for a drastic humanitarian policy. I am so proud of the volunteers working to help thes refugees and so ashamed at the "every problem is a nail" militant response!

obama, henry, and the democrat must tell the world that anyone reaching the US illegally will NOT receive any taxpayer funded free stuff; will NOT receive amnesty or the DREAM ACT; that anyone reaching the USA will be immediately deported back to their home country along with a bill for taxpayer funded services -- and do it -- for over 2 1/2 years word has been spread that illegal aliens will receive either amnesty or the DREAM ACT if they make it to the USA -- send them back !!

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