Concerned citizen reports smuggler to police

Concerned citizen reports smuggler to police
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 11:07am

A human smuggler is arrested after a concerned citizen witnesses several immigrants crossing through private property.

On Monday, June 24, officers were called in reference to a robbery incident involving $1000 dollars.

The victim, an undocumented immigrant, reported that the person helping him cross into the country illegally, Edgar Omar Lopez, 35, had robbed him because he felt ill and wanted to rest.

The victim was left behind, needing medical attention, and the concerned citizen called EMS which took the victim to a local hospital for medical attention.

The citizen told police that a white car had come back looking for the victim and as the vehicle left he wrote down the license plate and called authorities.

Officers were able to spot the vehicle, with Lopez and four other undocumented immigrants inside, and detained all of them.

Lopez did inform officers that there were four additional undocumented immigrants that he was suppose to pick up at another location.

All the undocumented immigrants were handed over to Border Patrol and Lopez was arrested and four charges of smuggling a person.

The victim later recanted his story of being robbed and the case remains under investigation.

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