Commercial truckers say DPS inspections costing them time and money

Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 9:40am

Truck drivers say too many inspections in Cameron County is costing them unnecessary time and money, Na'Tassia Finley has more on their concerns.

A number of truck drivers and carrier company owners took part in a panel discussion regarding their concerns of being inspected too often here in Cameron County.

Zeke Silva says these multiple inspections in Cameron County alone delay drivers in getting their loads where they need to be on time, "It can be anywhere from a few hours to a couple days." Which ultimately affects their revenue, "Why are we the ones getting the bulk of the inspections, when we have the less volume of transportation and goods crossing the border."

That's what he and other trucking company owners are trying to figure out, DPS Service Commander, Fred Whisenant, "When you compare the numbers to the volume of personnel assigned to each county, Hidalgo County we actually do more inspections there."

Silva says that no matter how well his trucks are maintained, Troopers will always find something wrong. He argues he keeps his trailers safe for not only his carriers and for the other drivers they share the road with, but also to keep his reputation in good standing with current and future customers, "If you have a higher increase of inspections and more out of services, that means you are an unsafe carrier and if you're an unsafe carrier who's going to want to hire you?"

Trucking company owners don't mind being inspected, they;re just hoping to come to an agreement with Troopers in order to decrease the number of inspections and delays on during their runs.

DPS Trooper Whisenant says the department is willing to listen and figure out a solution as long as public safety is not compromised, "The stats for commercial crashes in the Rio Grande Valley, in particular to other districts and areas, is low and I attribute that to the fact that we have a large enforcement personnel."

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