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Monday, June 20, 2011 - 9:57am

Donated box of rare comic books may raise big bucks for Goodwill.

A pile of comic books could make a world of difference for one Nashville, Tennessee Goodwill.

Someone donated 12,626 rare, mint-condition comics dating back decades.

There's an auction underway Friday night that could make a heroic impact for the nonprofit.

"I don't know of anyone else who's received something like this," says Suzanne Kay-Pittman of Goodwill.

The boxes are a treasure like few others.

"This is an amazing collection," says Kay-Pittman. "They're just in fabulous condition."

Because they're in such good shape, they're worth an estimated $42,000.

The collection includes three of the most famous super heroes: Batman, Spider-Man and Superman, some dating back to the early 60s.

"If we come back, dollar-for-dollar, on that, that'll be fantastic. If we even come to receive a fraction of that through the online site, we'll be thrilled," says Kay-Pittman.

The donor has them in an organized catalogue system covered in plastic to keep out the light to better protect the contents.

"He says he's been collecting these for more than 30 years. It's pretty special, and we want to honor him and by doing so, we're going to be able to help people within the communities that we serve. We're in 46 counties, so we're going to help a lot of folks thanks to him," Kay-Pittman explains.

Goodwill will put the comics up for auction online.

The rarest will be auctioned by themselves, while others will be sold in bundles.

The cash is sure to have a big impact at Goodwill.

"We are seeing some of these comic books go for more than $200," said Suzanne.

Like any good super hero, the donor is anonymous.

It'll take about four months to auction off all of the comic books. Bids start at $3.

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