Colorado Girl Recovering From Bubonic Plague And A Hantavirus In Texas

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 8:24am

West Nile is not the only virus that has recently popped up across the county. The latest examples: A Colorado girl recovering from the Bubonic Plague and a new case of the hantavirus here in Texas.

The owners of this Texas home featured on the TLC show "Hoarding: Buried Alive" had collected more than just years of clutter. When a worker who was helping the family clean the house became ill doctors learned she had contracted the hantavirus, deadly airborne disease spread by rodent droppings.

Friday night health officials descended on the home in the Houston suburb of the Woodlands and placed it under quarantine.

The deadly hantavirus is also threatening thousands of visitor to Yosemite National Park. A third person has died from the diseases after vacationing in the park bringing the total number infected people to eight and prompting warnings to all who enter.

And while cases of Bubonic plague are rare reported cases of the West Nile virus have increased as of last week 48 states have reported West Nile infection in nearly two thousand people. That's the highest  number of cases since 1999. According to the centers for disease control Texas has seen the worse outbreak with nearly half of the nationwide cases coming from that state.

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