Closed schools to house immigrants

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 9:49am

Thousand of immigrant children, who've crossed the U.S. border from Mexico could soon find refuge in Dallas County, Texas.

In the last two years, Dallas Independent School District has closed at least a dozen elementary and middle school campuses.

Now the federal government is looking at temporarily housing the children in some of those schools.

If approved, it could be open and operating within a month.

The federal government would pick up the tab. Juanita Wallace, who lives nearby one of those sites, doesn't see a problem with the idea, "First of all they're children. They didn't put themselves in that position. And secondly, they're going to be supervised."

The list of potential sites is down to a dozen or fewer locations in Dallas County.

They span four different cities and two school districts.

The government is reviewing that list, but the county says it will get community input as well.

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