Classic Ride Returns

Monday, November 5, 2012 - 12:42pm

Man finds his father's '55 Chevy decades after it was stolen.

Herbert Boren bought a 1955 Chevy Be Air for $65 dollars in the early 60s, but it was stolen from him 26 years ago.

Last Monday the car made its way home, and his sons say it's a miracle that it's still in such great shape after all that time.

"In this condition, this is unreal. It should have, to me, been a big rust bucket," said Jason Boren.

It's the car both of the Boren boys grew up with until someone stole it right out of their driveway when Randy was 19.

He says it's the reason he fell in love with classic cars.

He was looking to buy one when he heard there was a 1955 Bel Air for sale in Benton, Kentucky.

"I kinda blew it off... didn't go look at it. Two weeks later, I noticed it on VCI and thought, 'I need to go down and take a look at that car,'" he explains.

Once he saw it he immediately called his dad.

"Those scrapes... that's something that won't polish out very easy. We recognized that. And this, it's a little dent right there," said Herbert Boren as he pointed out the car's most easily recognizable traits.

The title was still in Herbert's name, and the VIN number matched the one on the original police report filed back when the car was stolen.

Now, the car is headed back home where the Boren's say it belongs.

Herbert said, "It just seems like a part of us. Just something that feels like it's supposed to be in this family," Herbert said.

No arrests have been made in the case, but Kentucky State Police say they expect one soon.

The Kentucky State Police and Benton Police are working together to find out who originally stole the car.

Boren and his sons will likely restore the car back to the state it was in before it was stolen.

Herbert estimates it will then be worth about $40,000.

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