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POSTED: Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 5:41pm

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These are 36 cadets are part of the Civil Air Patrol. They are taking part in ground team school.
When they get their certification if a plane goes down in a rural area Lieutenant Colonel Sean Crandall says these guys are many times the first responders to the scene.

"Anytime an airplane crashes in rural area or outside the airport CAP is notified and we do search and rescue we find the aircraft perform life saving first aid if needed and set up the evacuees from the site to be heli- crafted out or transported out for medical care."

The Civil Air Patrol is a non profit. They are the official Auxiliary for the US Air Force.
In this 140 hour ground team course at the Brownsville airport these cadets from six different states are learning many important search and rescue lessons including how to use high tech equipment to locate the airplane that crashed.

"'It's coming from this direction right here."

18 year old Brian DeLaughter is a repeat student with the Civil Air Patrol looking to advance his certification.

"I heard about the certification that I could be getting to go out and search and rescue down aircraft and missing persons, I thought that was amazing being able to to that at such a young age I jumped into it."

The week long course continues until Monday.

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