City of McAllen planning on retail expansion

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 9:33am

If city leaders have it their way, the City of McAllen could soon see retail expansion, NewsCenter 23's Michael Lopez reports the new growth depends on the cost to the city.

McAllen is booming, this building, at one point was the old McAllen Convention Center, now inside is the Civic Auditorium, which if all goes as planned can be a future landmark for retail expansion.

Currently the Civic Center is located on the 8300 block of busy South 10th street, the proposal from Houston based developer could bring in a seven story boutique style hotel, parking garage and a top flight building, which would mean the building would be demolished.

Meanwhile, the city says they're being cautious since the Civic Auditorium is still being used for symphony orchestra music events.

This proposal would also include 59,000 square feet of retail space and of course the new development would all depend how proposed negotiations pan out.

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