City Has Collected $250,000 Dollars in Fees from Bag Ban

Friday, November 18, 2011 - 9:16am

BROWNSVILLE  - It's been nearly a year since the City of Brownsville banned the usage of plastic bags and people say it has been a total success.

In January, the city implemented a plastic bag ban that prohibited retailers from handing out plastic shopping bags to consumers. City officials voted to ban plastic bags after learning these bags were clogging up storm drains and polluting the city. One recycling advocate is so glad to see that the ban has improved the city's image, "You just drive around there's much less trash in the wind and I think it helps bring the awareness, that about litter in general and here in Brownsville."

Since January, the city has collected about $250,000 dollars in fees from plastic bags that were sold at stores where customers chose to purchase them.

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