City of Edinburg releases 2013 Crime Report

City of Edinburg releases 2013 Crime Report
Friday, January 10, 2014 - 11:30am

The City of Edinburg Police Department today reports that crime decreased by 12% in 2013. This is the biggest reduction in Edinburg since 2007 when the police department recorded a 6% decrease.

The biggest drop was noted in the area of theft (Larceny) with 367 less crimes committed. In 2012, 3,666 thefts were reported but last year that number dropped to 3,299. The second largest drop was in the number of burglaries committed down from 857 to 738 followed by aggravated assaults with 196 compared to 277 the previous year.

Meanwhile, the totals for robbery stayed the same at 50 as did the number of murders with only one. In the area of rape, the numbers went up by one from 29 to 30. Auto theft numbers also increased from 209 to 255.

Chief Rolando Castaneda attributes the drop in crime to the hard work of the 122 dedicated officers and 48 support personnel. He adds that the reduction in crime could not have been achieved without the continued involvement from the community via the Crime Stoppers Hotline, numerous Neighborhood Watch Programs and the law enforcement partnerships that have netted the department with $351.029 which is equivalent to 7,800 more man hours for visibility and interaction with the community.

“We have been successful because as soon as we notice hot spots we respond with specialized details to target the problem, says Castaneda. “This is part of the DDACTS Model (Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety) used by the Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Department of Justice.”

Chief Castaneda also credits the Mayor, City Council and City Manager for ensuring that the Police Department has the tools needed to keep Edinburg as safe as it can be.

These numbers will be reported in the State of Texas Uniform Crime Report. The Uniform Crime Reporting program provides reliable crime statistics for law enforcement agencies to use as a gauge for management and operation. This information is also used to measure the type and volume of crime in Texas. Local agencies report their numbers to the Texas Department of Public Safety who in turn reports the findings to the FBI charged with developing a national crime report.

To develop the Uniform Crime Report, law enforcement agencies measure crime through the collection of information on eight serious Crime Index Offenses: homicide; forcible rape; robbery; burglary; aggravated assault; theft (larceny) over $50; motor vehicle theft and arson.

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