City of Edinburg Passes Sex Offender Ordinance

Friday, August 10, 2012 - 8:49am

There are new laws for sex offenders, who are on or off probation, that they will have to follow after an ordinance was passed by city leaders. In the ordinance, which was passed on Wednesday evening,  city parks, schools, public pools and any child oriented facility is now off limits to sex offenders. City leaders say they added the ordinance because there are few regulations on sex offenders after they have served their jail time and probation as Edinburg Police Chief Rolando Castaneda stated, "The only requirements most of them have is that they have to register annually to our sex offender investigators. In this ordinance we are able to monitor them more, since we have 102 active sex offenders here in the City of Edinburg."

The ordinance also adds more regulations on Holidays like Halloween as registered sex offenders are required to stay home with their porch lights off and have no candy sign posted on their door.

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