City of Dallas Getting Help from McAllen in Battling West Nile Virus

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - 8:02am

Dallas county is asking for outside help in battling the West Nile virus and the City of McAllen is answering the call by sending seven code enforcement workers. The workers are taking six mosquito spraying machines which will be used in mosquitoes infested areas. Code Enforcement employee Earl Long stated, "Right now we are going up empty, but they are going to calibrate them for the type that they are allowed to use, the chemical, what it is, it just sprays out certain droplets, a certain size, that hits the mosquitoes and once it makes contact it drops them pretty much dead on contact." The City of McAllen was sprayed last week for the deadly virus so officials aren't concerned for an outbreak here and the trucks and personnel will return in a week.

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