City to Crackdown on Graffiti


POSTED: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 - 12:17pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 7:16am

"The graffiti is out of control," says a concerned resident.

If you drive down McKenzie Rd, it's right off of Padre Highway; you will see taggings or remnants of painted over tagging in every direction, on every street corner on just about every wooden fence.

“I just want to get the problem fixed because I already painted my wall about two or three times," says the frustrated resident.

City Commissioner for District Two, Jessica Tetreau has been working to clean up the dirty neighborhood.

"This is out of hand," says Commissioner Tetreau.

The city commissioner is working with residents and the police department to get a hold of the continuous problem.

She says not only is it illegal to tag someone’s personal property or city property, it's ultimately hurting our city as a whole, not just this one neighborhood.

"This is the industrial part of the city and the second we have investors stepping off the plane, this is what they step into, they get right back on the plane and it's hurting our city," says Commissioner Tetreau.

The good news is, the city is cracking down!

Tetreau has revitalized a program, the Graffiti Abatement Program, that will work hand in hand with the municipal court and Keep Brownsville Beautiful to get go after the offenders.

"Anybody who is caught tagging will have to come and clean it up, their parents are subject to paying for the materials," says the commissioner.

She adds within the first day of the crackdown, Police detained three juveniles and arrested one adult. She adds more people are on the Police radar.

"We know who it is; we know what they're up to. We have surveillance," says Commissioner Tetreau.

She says those caught will pay the consequences monetarily and in the form of labor.


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What if you were to get artist to cover those walls, Because you will cover it up and that just gives the vandals more space to paint on. If it had actual art form it would be respected more.

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