City of Brownsville may consider microchips instead of pet tags

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 11:48am

It's new technology that could be required with in the next few years here in Brownsville.

In the next few years the City of Brownsville may replace pet tags with microchips.

News Center 23 Reporter Na'Tassia Finley has more on the benefit of chipping your four legged friend.

For many, they're a member of the family. More and more families are opting to have their pets microchipped due to the cost effectiveness and success rate of reuniting pets and their owners.

Robert Dippong, a Shelter Supervisor, commented: "It's actually becoming very popular out here. We are starting to look to moving from city tags to making the microchip a city license."

That probably won't happen for another two or so years but the city is headed in that direction.

"When we first started doing this program we found an animal that had belonged in Alabama and it somehow, someway got down here and it was reunited with it's family in Alabama thanks to micro chipping," Dippong said.

The process of microchipping is pretty easy. A small, rice sized chip is injected behind the animal's shoulder and will last the life of the animal.

"It's always good to, you know, have it microchipped that's gonna save the animal's life. Ya know, it'll be a lot quicker to find the owner, we can find exactly where the animal belongs," Dippong said.

Dippong says if an animal is picked up by animal control it'll be scanned not once, not twice, but three times during arrival, the vaccination process and before adoption or euthanization of the pet.

Pets successfully scanned are usually reuniting with their owners within 24 hours.

Reporting from Brownsville Na'Tassia Finley KVEO-News Center 23.

You can microchip your pet at the Veterinary Brownsville Spay Neuter Clinic located at 416 FM 511 A Olmito, TX 78575 or the Harlingen Humane Society located at 1106 Markowsky, Harlingen, TX for $15.

You will  need to register your pet's microchip, there are several services that offer free or paid services for registration.

For free registration visit:

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