City Attorney Says District 2 Write In Candidate Is Qualified


POSTED: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 9:03pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 8:18am

There was some question in the city whether Jessica Tetreau was qualified to be a write in candidate for District 2.
The incumbent is Charlie Atkinson.
The city said that she did not have enough write in votes, while Tetreau said she had enough.
Both Tetreau and the city talked with the Secretary of State.
Tuesday the city attorney says that she is qualified to be a write in candidate.

"Justice has been brought to light, I honestly may have felt it may not be done if my team did not fight tooth and nail gone and done a lot of research on it."

Tetreau who is a businesswoman in Brownsville who says she has created hundreds of the city is ready to let the people know who she is.

"The whole purpose of my campaign of my show Brownsville if you don't have a choice you don't have a democracy District 2 has a problem that needs be heard, I am person who knows what it's like to be ignored and I did what ever I could to get on this write in candidacy.

Tetreau says she will be keeping busy before the May 14th election.

"To show people who I am because I am one of them I have lived in District 2 always lived in District 2 I know the cries the problems and the things to be done."

We also talked with incumbent commissioner Charlie Atkinson who says that Tetreau should not be on the ballot. He says that he received a letter from the city secretary saying she was disqualified because she had deceased signatures of individuals and that Tetreau does not live in District 2 rather District 3. He says the city should not allow individuals who are not qualified to be on the ballot. Atkinson says he will not contest the decision and that he will keep running his race.

We talked also talked with elections administrator Roger Ortiz who says that Tetreau is not officially on the ballot because he has not heard from the city secretary. The city tells us she is currently on her annual leave.

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