Cindy Anthony On The Stand

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - 2:16pm

Defendant's mother testifies in murder trial.

Cindy Anthony broke down on the witness stand Tuesday as she listened to her own voice in a 911 call from 2008, moments after she learned her granddaughter Caylee hadn't been seen in 31 days.

Cindy described confronting daughter Casey Anthony and overhearing the then 22-year-old tell her brother she hadn't seen her young daughter in more than a month.

"I just went into the room and started yelling at Casey and saying 'what do you mean she's been gone,'" she testified.

At the time, Casey Anthony told friends and family the nanny, a woman named Zonaida Gonzales, had taken Caylee.

The defense now admits there was no nanny.

They say Casey covered up Caylee's accidental drowning to also cover the fact that her father George had found the child in the pool and had allegedly been molesting Casey for years.

It's the 911 call that may be most dramatic.

In the call Cindy Anthony describes an overwhelming smell in Casey's car...saying it smelled like a "dead body" had been in the vehicle.

The defense also questioned Cindy about Caylee's biological father and a string of fictitious friends and co-workers Casey used to tell her about.

The jury, hearing much about lies that were told, as it tries to determine the truth.

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