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Friday, December 2, 2011 - 2:38pm

Nebraska kids turn holiday Lego tradition into charity.

Brandon Carlson is making a difference, one Christmas ornament at a time.

"We have a tradition in our family and we like to exchange ornaments every year," the 9-year-old explains.

Brandon says he spends a lot of time building LEGOs.

"It's become one of my jobs basically, one of my chores," says Brandon.

What started as a yearly tradition, building LEGO ornaments as presents for family, has grown into a charity.

"As parents I believe we have a responsibility to show our kids that it's important to appreciated what you have and as well as do other things for others," says Eric Carlson.

Three years ago Brandon and his brother Aidan starting building ornaments and selling them.

"This is a really good project for our family to do. Because our whole family likes LEGOs," Brandon says.

The first year all proceeds went to the food bank.

Last year the money went to the Open Door Mission.

This year all proceeds go to help children in the Steven Center and other domestic violence shelters.

"It really sends a good message, I think, to our children that they need to understand that they need to help others that are less fortunate," says Brandon.

It's a small gift, made from the hands of a child, that goes a long way in making a difference in the community.

"It's a fun thing to do and it also helps other kids a lot," says Brandon. "We're hoping to do it for a long time."

The Carlson's have a goal to raise $5000 for the Stephen Center, that's about 800 ornaments.

Right now they are just above 200.

Ornaments cost anywhere from $10 to $20 dollars.

They also sell Star Wars, Disney Cars and Toy Story themed ones.

You can even build your own.

If you're interested in purchasing an ornament just visit their website:

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