Christmas Clean Up Begins, Many Not Recycling Properly

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 11:36am

MCALLEN- Now that the Christmas season is behind us, it's time to clean up the mess. Around this time of year the valley throws away tons of extra trash.

"We generate a lot more everything," said Chris Lash, Renewable Resources Manager at the McAllen Recycling Center. "More food products, more paper, more cardboard and more things to recycle."

The McAllen Recycling Center works around the clock every holiday season trying to keep the city environmentally responsible. It usually brings in about 90,000 lbs. of items daily.This year that number has climbed up to 115,000 lbs. a day. Even though residents seem to be jumping on the green bandwagon this year it's still easy for people to get a little careless.

Officials say residents need to remember that not every Christmas item is recyclable. A lot of items that are brought to the center don't belong. This makes it even more difficult for the city because it contaminates the rest of the recyclable items. Workers spend hours a day sifting through tons of trash and recyclables.
many items found in these piles belong in a landfill.

The recycling center also wants your christmas trees. Officials have set up a drop off location this week for upper valley residents. They say its another way to help residents stay on a green path into the new year.

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