Christie for President

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - 9:02am

Despite relentless calls, Governor Chris Christie insists he's not running for President.

He's raising money, criticizing Washington, and giving speeches that evoke memories of Ronald Reagan. But New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he's not running for president, "I'm just a kid from Jersey who feels I'm the luckiest guy in world... opportunity governor of my state, "proclaimed Governor Chris Christie, (R) New Jersey.

Voters are begging him to reconsider.

Christie's repeated denials haven't stopped questions, perhaps because polls show republicans want more, "some type of white shining knight who might be able to not have the flaws they see in Rick Perry or Mitt Romney," said NBC News Deputy Political Director, Mark Murray.

But some analysts think outspoken Christie may not have the restraint to run a successful campaign, "he only needs to go after the wrong person one time for that to become a viral video," said Washington Post Columnist Ezra Klein.

It's good news for President Obama, whose sagging poll numbers have left him barely winning if the election were held today, "it is time to act. We are not a people who sit back and wait for things to happen," said President Barack Obama

Questions about Christie haven't stopped G.O.P. frontrunner, Rick Perry. He kicked off his Washington campaign last night, but Perry’s got problems.

A source tells NBC, after last week's debate, there are doubts about whether Perry can stay in the race.

Tracie Potts, NBC News

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