Cholesterol Checks For Kids, Find Out If Your Child Is At Risk

Friday, November 16, 2012 - 11:36am

ALTON - Most adults have had their cholesterol checked. But checking a child's cholesterol is a different story.

"How are you doing today?" said Dr. Sarojini Bose, Pediatrician. She's giving a mini check up to Devin Hernandez, 8.

Hernandez's mom is concerned about his cholesterol, because Devin's grandfather died of a heart attack. She hopes that same bad cholesterol gene doesn't run in the family.

"We have talked about his social history, we have talked about his past medical history as well," said Diena Salinas Azuara, Mother.

But Devin isn't a child that needs a cholesterol check. He's in good health, with only a few cardiovascular problems in his family.

Kids that should have their cholesterol checked are those that that are obese, have thyroid problems, kidney and liver problems, or severe cholesterol problems in their family history.

"We need to check them, so we can help them have a healthy life," said Dr. Bose.

For kids, the American Academy of Pediatrics said testing cholesterol should be done between the ages of 9 to 11.

Dr. Bose  said the many Valley family lifestyles are not conducive to good cholesterol and Azuara agrees.

"Yes it is very hard, because he is always hungry because he is a young kid, and the easiest thing for me as a mother, for me as a working parent is let me drive though the drive-thru and get something, a bag of chips nuggets, something very simple," said Azuara.

Azuara knows this is not the solution anymore. She said she will be shopping for better quality food, because she knows it will help Devin live a better lifestyle.

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