Chimp On The Run

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 9:05am

Loose ape runs amok in Kansas City.

A chimpanzee named Sueko, also called Sue, is resting safely after escaping and terrorizing a Kansas City, Missouri neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

The chimp had managed to break her rope and escape.

The rope was still tied to the animal as she went through the neighborhood banging on houses, trying to open doors and damaging cars.

Michael Abron watched the chimp from the safety of his house.

"It came up to the front window of the house and started banging on the shutters," said Abron "Then he tries to open the front door and he opened the screen door so I quickly ran downstairs and locked the front door real quick."

When Tonya Jennings pulled into the driveway of Abron's house, she said the chimpanzee tried to get in her car.

"He came up on top of my explorer, looked through the window, got on top of the car and started punching the sunroof," Jennings explained.

Jennings got out of her car and ran to safety. Property was damaged but no one was hurt by the chimpanzee.

There is conflicting information about whether the animal was tranquilized.

Police initially reported it had been shot with a dart gun but that the shot didn't subdue the animal.

Neighbors also said someone shot the primate with a tranquilizer dart.

Later in the afternoon, police said no one administered tranquilizer in any way before Sue was taken into custody.

It climbed a tree and, according to Corwin, a second attempt to shoot it with a tranquilizer missed its target.

The primate's owner arrived on the scene with a pickup truck and a cage in the back.

The animal eventually climbed into the cage on its own and "is now in custody," Corwin said.

"Police were ready with patrol rifles in case the animal became a danger to people," he said.

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