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Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - 9:56am

Woman says attempt to sell 2-year-old cousin on eBay was "a joke".

pendingA 20-year-old Allendale, Michigan woman who posted an ad for her cousin's 2-year-old on eBay said Tuesday night the entire incident is a big misunderstanding.

"It was just a joke -- that's all it was," she said. "You all are taking it way too serious, and blowing it out of proportion."

The ad since has been pulled, and the child is home safe with her mother in Wyoming.

"Kid for sale, an adorable child for sale," the ad read. "Can clean and hold a decent conversation. Very lovable, but I just grew out of her."

Police say the woman posted the ad likely in a bizarre scheme to get money.

She hasn't been charged with anything, but could face counts as early as Wednesday, police said.

Her name has not been released.

The woman said she was just trying to figure out how the reserve function worked on eBay, which is when a seller won't sell an item below a certain price.

She just so happened to have a lot of photos of the toddler on her computer, and thought posting the ad would be funny, the woman said.

"Somebody, this lady -- I guess it was a lady -- had bought her, and I canceled the transaction and stuff," she said. "No money was given to me. I canceled the transaction right away, and it was just, I even think she was taking it as a joke."

Several people across the country contacted the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department about the ad within an hour, including the woman who bought the girl for $1,000.

Police obtained enough information to track down the Allendale woman and found the little girl.

"I was just thinking the buyer took it as a joke, because she wrote me right after it, saying, when can I come pick up my baby and everything like that, so I didn't think she was serious," she said.

The Allendale woman had been watching the child for about one week, and said the ad was up for only about an hour.

The girl's mother isn't upset at all, the woman said, and knows it was just a joke.

Still, she admits some fear over possible charges.

"I'm scared about it, but like I said, with God for me, who can be against me?" she said.

Officials said they don't think the little girl was going to be sold or transported.

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