Child finds alligator in the neighborhood

Child finds alligator in the neighborhood
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 4:20pm

Over the weekend, a Pennsylvania girl finds the kind of animal you don't take home as a pet.

A sign and flag welcome you to the Sullivan home on Forry Avenue in Penn Township but Sunday morning they got a visitor even police weren't prepared for.

"Disbelief of course being on this job as long as I have you never know what you are going to get but you know we thought somebody was seeing something or misunderstanding something."

But the seven year old girl who found it was right. An alligator near a woodpile in the backyard.

Penn Township Police had to do something.

"None of us had any clue what an alligator this size is capable of whether its dangerous, not dangerous but we certainly didn't want to find out."

But officer John Carbaugh says they had to keep the children safe.

"We had 2 or 3 families out there probably 8 or 9 small kids they were much braver than the four big, tough police officers. All kids wanted to pet it touch it get close to it. We had a little tough time keeping them back. Us big tough guys more intimidated than kids were."

Police in York county aren't trained to catch alligators but thankfully there are some reality tv watchers on the squad.

"I guess we're best served by....we all laughed and said they did this on 'Swamp People' or, you know, some of those reality TV shows that some of the guys have watched. One of the guys said he watched where they pinched the jaws. We've seen where they've taped the jaws shut."

After containing the gator and safely removing him from the Sullivan's backyard the only question now is where'd he come from?

"Logical presumption is that it was a pet. Either it got loose or it just too big for somebody and they let it out. Nobody has come forward to claim it. If anybody is missing an alligator let us know."

The officers say the alligator is not going to be charged with trespassing or resisting arrest.

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