Child Fear: Following Sandy Hook Tragedy

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 9:24am

MCALLEN -  It was the unthinkable tragedy:  26 people killed and 20 of them kids no older than seven years old after a gunmen shot his way into an elementary school in the small village of Sandy Hook in Connecticut.

Behavioral experts say there's a lot of emotional trauma kids may suffer when events like this take place. Dr Jose E. Igoa of Renaissance Psychiatry says that it is important for parents to have good communication with their kids. 

As images repeatedly run all over mainstream media: on tv, the internet, and newspapers, psychologists say it's easy for kids to become emotionally overwhelmed. They say it's important for parents to acknowledge their kid's fears and to help overcome accordingly.  They also stress that parent involvement is important.

Meanwhile, behavioral experts say asperger's syndrome was not an explanation for the Lanza's Connecticut killing spree, but that it is important parents are proactive with their kids who struggle with the illness.

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