Chemicals On Your Plate?

Monday, April 8, 2013 - 10:37am

Many foods sold in the U.S. contain chemicals banned in other countries.

(WFLA) Could everyday items you store in your pantry or fridge contain toxic and addictive ingredients?

The creators of the documentary "Hungry for Change, Your Health is in Your Hands" are out with a film that exposes the food industry for putting addictive and toxic ingredients in everyday foods like bread, pasta sauce, and salad dressings.

The film is garnering a lot of attention because of a grassroots movement happening across the country to educate people about what's in their food.

The authors of "Rich Foods Poor Foods" Jayson B. Calton, PhD, and Mira Calton, CN say the United States allows major food manufacturers to put chemicals, additives and ingredients in foods that are currently banned overseas.

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