Checking Out eBooks

Monday, August 30, 2010 - 3:22pm

Libraries offer free content for e-readers.

As more Americans turn their reading habits toward the growing phenomenon of e-Books, many are finding they can get free book content for their electronic devices at their local libraries.

Libraries require the use of e-Pub software to protect the book's copyright.

You won't be able to keep it forever.

The book will expire, or disappear from your device, after your two week check out time is over.

Some devices, including the Barnes and Noble Nook, work well with the library software.

Still, the most popular e-reader these days, Amazon's Kindle, is a very different story.

"The Amazon Kindle, doesn't support ePub," explains editor-at-large Brian Cooley. "They want you to get books and documents in a number of other formats. but ePub isn't one of them."

An American Library Association study found that two-thirds of public libraries offered e-Books to customers, while 83 percent offer audio content online.

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