Charro Days Security

POSTED: Friday, February 27, 2009 - 9:49pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:32am

A bloody fight interrupted Thursday's Charro days children's parade. Now security is there to prevent anything that may happen during these celebrations.
After yesterday's fight, Brownsville Police want to assure everyone that all the charro days celebrations will be safe.
A street fight in Downtown Brownsville,forced batrol patrol agents and police to break it up.
Police say, 16-year old, Francisco Sanchez, a 4 year old girl, and her 22 year old dad, were all hit with a numbchuck, a martial arts weapon, at yesterday's Charro Day's kid's parade.
Brownsville Police arrested 17-year old, Oscar Pantoja.
He's now being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, injury to a child, and disorderly conduct.
23-year old, Jose Reyes was arrested for assaulting Pantoja during the brawl.
19-year old, Armando Rodriguez and three other teens were also arrested for fighting.
Early reports from witnesses say, there were gun-shots, but police say that is not true.
"No gun shots were actually fired, but police say what could've fooled people is chairs like this, as crews were cleaning which made a loud sound."
Now with Charro Days in full swing, Brownsville Police Chief Carlos Garcia says they're ready for anything.
"I don't think it's dangerous, it's safe, we have police prescence, and border patrol helping us out, so the next few days, we'll have a safe charro days."
He says, Officers will be patrolling the streets, making sure everyone stays safe.
Although yesterday's fight shook charro day partier, Mayra Cardenas up a little.
She says, with all the security around, she has nothing to worry about.
"I feel safe, i'm pretty satisfied they have a gate, i'm satisfied with what they have now."
Sombrero Fest organizer, David Musso says, everyone's safety comes first.
"Our local police department, and border patrol comes here regularly, especially in the evenings when crowds are here."
If an incident does occur, Police say they want everyone to stay as calm as they can and not to panic because they have security plans in place.

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