Charro Days Celebration Held at Gateway International Bridge

Friday, February 25, 2011 - 10:07am

Charro Days has been around for nearly three quarters of a century. The event, which celebrates the Mexican heritage, brings together the US and our friends just south of the border. In1938 Charro Days was established here in Brownsville, that same year Fiestas Mexicanas was established in Matamoros.

"We're proud of having that uninterrupted streak of friendship, harmony and brotherly love that comprises the way we live everyday on the border." said Charro Days Ceremony MC, Bob Torres.

Thursday’s ceremony, which was held on the Gateway International Bridge, allowed for city officials from the Mexican city and the American city to exchange gifts and kind words.

Both countries also showed their patriotism. Our friends across the river first sang their country’s national anthem, followed by Americans singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada was one of several speakers who stressed the importance of the two countries and sister cities relationship despite being separated by a border wall and a river.

"We're living in very difficult times, historical times, but this is when we're united even more, to prevail to fight to the end for our democracy, for justice." said Mayor Ahumada.

Charro Days presidents Kenneth Lieck also addressed the crowd on the importance of the celebration.

"Charro Days started because we needed to recognize the beautiful culture and the people of Mexico and it is what Charro Days is all about. It also brings together two nations, the United States of America and Mexico, the people of these nations to show our friendship and respect for each other."

Charro days continues through this weekend, for more information on the festivities you can click on the link to their website:

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