Cell Phone Savings

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 9:58am

Website can help you get your cell phone bill under control.

Think you're spending too much to stay connected?

A consumer study done last year by a Chicago Utility Board shows 66 percent of cell phone users are paying for coverage they don't even use, wasting an average of $359.64 a year.

That's unused texts, unused minutes and unused megabytes from when you surf the web.

Web designer Bianca Toledo doesn't use 1500 texts a month, but she pays $15 a month for them.

"I am concerned about going over my text messages. It is annoying but for me it's going to be more annoying if I have an unlimited plan," she says.

A free web tool can help.

It's called the Cell Phone Saver.

In five minutes it analyzes your spending and dials up options to drop dollars.

In the end, Bianca didn't find a plan that matches her exact cell phone usage, but she did find a cheaper plan on another carrier with the same text, minute and web features she has now.

"I could be saving $10 potential savings a month," she says.

That's $120 dollars a year.

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