Cell Phone Etiquette

Friday, March 18, 2011 - 8:23am

It seems everyone has a cell phone now, but not everyone wants to hear other people talk on them.

Etiquette experts have made it clear; it can be among the rudest of rude behavior.

The private conversation in public places using mobile devices.

"The technology itself is here to stay…”says Etiquette expert Anna Post. “…It’s us who chose how we're going to use it, they're not rude or polite on their own, it's us "

Even the self-confessed geeks among us admit the lack of manners is getting out of hand. One of those Geeks is Wilson Rothman of MSNBC.com.

"If somebody that I'm having dinner with gets up to go to the bathroom and I'm sitting there by myself, I will pull out my smart phone to check my feeds or whatever. But I do think that's rude to do that in front of the person you're with" says Rothman.

88-percent of those who responded to a recent Intel survey said most people don't take others into consideration when using mobile devices.

But the great-great granddaughter of etiquette maven Emily Post says they aren't looking in the mirror either.

"About 90% of Americans think that their own mobile manners are pretty darn good if not excellent,” says Post.

She says many of the frequent offenders are also the most offensive.

Post continues, "24% said they witnessed another person using a phone at a funeral. This is absolutely not ok"

Another no-no is cell phone use in public bathrooms.

Even though half of us say we've seen the other half do it.

Chris Clackum, NBC News

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