CAVA Offering Reward for Arrest/Conviction of Anyone Linked to Voter Fraud

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 10:44am

Voter fraud is a problem here in Cameron County according to one citizens group and now turning in a person committing voter fraud could earn you a five-thousand dollar reward.

News Center 23's Na'Tassia Finley has more on efforts of one local organization to clean up our local elections.

"They're very hard at work already," says Citizens Against Voter Abuse President, Mary Helen Flores.

They, meaning politiqueras.

"It's already affected previous elections and we don't want it to affect any future elections," says Flores.

They're growing in numbers and they're getting more aggressive in their efforts when it comes to stopping those politiqueras.

Citizens Against Voter Abuse, also known as CAVA, formed in October of 2010. Their mission is to bring awareness to and stop voter fraud in Cameron County.

"The pattern is for the politiqueras, which is a person paid by candidates, to go and specifically take votes from people, the mail in votes, they go and they pick up the mail in ballots from people who live in assisted living centers, the nursing homes. They take their ballots, fill them out for them and then mail it and those votes are not valid votes, they're stealing votes and so it ruins the authenticity of all our elections," says Flores.

With the primary election just eight weeks out, Flores says reports have already been made to CAVA members of people out on the streets working to muster up votes illegally for candidates they're working for.

The watchdog group is asking residents to stand up and help put a stop to this illegal activity.

The group wants residents to document who they see, where they see it, times, dates, and phone numbers of those trying to obtain illegal votes. This information will then be turned over to law enforcement

"Any eye witness account of illegal action in the electoral process can be made into a legal statement by writing down what you saw and getting that notarized and then that way you can submit it to law enforcement so they can investigate what you have stated to witness," says Flores.

But the problem Flores says is that people are apprehensive about reporting what they see.

"People feel intimidated, they feel fearful of any reprecussions that will come if expose what they see with regard to illegal activity in the electoral process," says Flores.

But money talks and CAVA is hoping that a little incentive will help people come forward.

A member of the group has put up a $5,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of any person committing voter fraud here in our county.

"There is a lack of enforcement, a lack of redress from the state level on down with regards to how the mail in system works," says Flores.

For more information on CAVA you can find them on Facebook at:!/pages/Citizens-Against-Voter-Abuse-Cameron-County-Texas/104410936351176

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Voter Fraud was used last year during the District 4 runoff race. Where's my $5,000?

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