Caught On Cam Officer Shot

Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 1:56pm

Dashcam rolls during Texas shootout.

Surveillance video was released Wednesday of a shooting involving a Conroe, Texas police officer.

Sgt. James Kelemen responded to a call at Flower's Baking Co. in Conroe at 4 p.m. Saturday because a man was threatening an employee with a shotgun.

Kelemen was shot in the face by James Richard Hill, 54, according to prosecutors.

Officers returned fire at Hill and he died at the scene.

Dashcam video showed Hill carrying a shotgun run to a pillar outside the bakery.

Standing next to the pillar, the gunman pointed the weapon at Kelemen, who was taking cover behind his patrol car, investigators said.

On the video, you can hear the sergeant repeatedly tell Hill to drop his weapon.

"Put the gun down, man, put it down. What's going on?" Kelemen said on the dashcam video. "We can talk about this, but put it down. Just put the gun down, man."

The video shows Hill walking over to a red car parked nearby to take cover behind it.

As Kelemen repeatedly asked him to drop his weapon, the gunman pointed it at Kelemen and fired at his face.

"Tell my wife and kids I love them," Kelemen is heard saying on the dashcam video.

Kelemen called his wife, which is faintly heard on the tape.

"I've been shot. I love you," he said.

More shots are heard on the dashcam video as other officers fired back at the suspect.

Kelemen underwent surgery and lost his right eye.

Once his fellow officers realized Kelemen would survive, humor was heard.

"I'm losing too much blood," Kelemen said.

"You're losing a lot but you are going to be OK. You don't look pretty, but you weren't pretty before, James," an officer said on the tape.

Keleman is a six-year veteran of the Conroe Police Department.

He is one of three brothers who are officers.

Their father is a police captain.

Kelemen was released from the hospital and plans to return to work.

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