Caught On Cam Fatal Meth Blast

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 5:04pm

Mobile drug lab explodes in hospital parking lot.

One man is dead after a mobile meth lab exploded in a busy hospital parking lot.

The blast occurred outside of Tennessee's Dickson Horizon Medical Center.

Officers investigating the incident say they find the hospital surveillance video utterly shocking.

"All of a sudden you see a big fire ball inside the vehicle," said Agent Chris Lewis of the 23rd Judicial Drug Task Force of Dickson County.

Seconds after the explosion, you can see medics rushing to help.

"The staff got to him pretty quick, but the injuries were just too damaging to save him," said Lewis.

Officers said the driver, Harry Klingenberg, died Sunday at Vanderbilt Hospital with severe burns on 80 percent of his body.

As for his car, not much is left except for the rim of a steering wheel, the charred remains of a door handle and, according to investigators, all the makings of a mobile meth lab.

"As I was going through the vehicle I did find a burnt box of cold packs which is used to manufacture meth a canister of fuel," said Lewis.

Agents with the Judicial Drug Task Force of Dickson County said this could have been much worse.

"We had to shut the hospital ER down to decontaminate it for other people. The staff had to be decontaminated and the fire staff had to be decontaminated," said Lewis.

Officers said Klingenberg bought his meth making materials at a nearby drug store moments before the explosion.

They said if he hadn't been able to, this deadly accident might have been prevented.

"We're fighting a losing battle until we get this controlled into a prescription drug only," said Lewis.

No one else was hurt in the explosion.

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