Caught On Cam Crawling Bandit

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 2:48pm

Security cameras capture sneaking through busy restaurant kitchen's open safe.

A man went to great lengths to rob a Quincy, Massachusetts restaurant.

Surveillance cameras caught him crawling on his hands and knees.

With a look over his shoulder to make sure no one is looking, the thief made his move, crawling his way across the kitchen floor of the restaurant.

This crime happened during busy business hours at The Chantey Seafood Cafe.

“At the time this was approximately around 10:00 at night, the bar was open and there was a window from the kitchen out to the bar - there were all kinds of patrons at the bar - so the gentleman went in…he was very brazen,” said Captain John Dougan of the Quincy Police Department.

Surveillance video shows the man heading straight to the open safe, where he began to stuff cash underneath his clothes and into his pants.

Once he was done, he popped his head out around the corner, made sure the coast was clear, and then back on all fours, made his way out of the empty kitchen.

He may have thought that no one saw, but those cameras caught his every move.

“The bar was right next to where the surveillance was,” said Dougan.

There's no clear shot of the suspect's face, but the video shows he was wearing a black shirt and hat and jeans.

Police hope someone knows who he is.

“It appears they know what they were looking for. They knew where the safe was and it’s still under investigation now,” said Dougan. “Very bold.”

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