Caught On Cam Bus Attack

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 10:13am

Security footage shows bus driver attacking passenger.

An Albuquerque city bus driver accused of brutally attacking a man with a cane while on duty is out of jail.

A Friday afternoon shift for bus driver Christopher Davis was anything but routine.

The surveillance shows Davis as he recognizes someone and leaves his seat.

He blocks Tomas Garcia from getting on the bus and that is when the two men begin to argue.

Moments later, it escalates and Davis and Garcia leave the camera frame.

Passengers on the bus have a front row seat as police say the bus driver beats Garcia with a cane so hard, it causes him to bleed.

Some passengers laughed while others left the bus.

The bus driver soon returned and got back in the drivers seat. He then explains to passengers why he attacked.

"He hit me last night…so I hit him," Davis said.

Surveillance video of Davis and Garcia's first encounter on the same bus the previous night was also released.

The driver and Tomas Garcia can be seen arguing.

The confrontation appears to get heated, then Garcia throws a drink at Davis.

"Run! Run! Run!" yelled Davis as Garcia fled the bus.

ABQ Ride officials said Davis has been reassigned so he will not be able to interact with passengers.

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