Caught On Cam Brutal Mugging

Friday, April 15, 2011 - 9:58am

Purse snatching victim dragged through parking lot.

A videotaped purse-snatching in Dallas, Texas shows a woman fighting but failing to keep her bag as she's dragged along a parking lot.

On Thursday Dallas police released details on the March 29 theft and the search for two people seen on the security video.

Police have not identified the man and the woman in the video.

The footage shows the couple driving to the lot, getting out and approaching Adriana Ibarra.

She is seen getting something out of the back seat of her car when she is attacked.

In an interview Thursday, Ibarra, 25, said she was getting ready to report to her second job.

She cried as she questioned why she was attacked.

"I get so angry. 'Why me? What do I have?' You know, I have nothing, why would they take my things?" she said.

Police said the man had a knife, and the man had a tire jack.

The woman removed a laptop from the trunk of Ibarra's car while the man struggles with Ibarra to get her purse.

"Some young male came up behind me with a knife and said, 'Get off the phone right now. Give me your purse. Give me your phone,'" Ibarra said. "I was screaming at the top of my lungs, and that's when he threatened to rape me."

The video shows Ibarra being dragged through the parking lot as she struggles to hold on to her bag.

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