Caught On Cam Terrifying Robbery

Monday, March 5, 2012 - 10:19am

Police say same gunman is responsible for nearly a dozen robberies.

Colorado police are searching for an armed man who has committed 11 robberies in less than one month.

The latest crime was caught on a surveillance camera and shows how he terrifies his victims.

Police call him "The 32 Bandit" because of the number on the sweatshirt he wore in one of the robberies.

On Thursday night investigators say the man robbed Aliesha's Best Pizza in Aurora.

"I was sitting at my computer trying to book flights for my children," Nuttall said.

It was around 6:45 p.m. when Nuttall says her last customer walked out the door.

She says that's when the gunman entered.

"He immediately came in and did three giant strides with the gun in his left hand. Then he yelled at my 16-year-old-employee who had already dropped down on her stomach and then my other employee shows his face and he says get down you mother f-er, get down," Nuttall said.

He walked straight to the register and points the gun at Nuttall and makes her hand over the cash.

"I put it in his hands and he says, 'is that all you got?' I say, 'welcome to a trying business in this economic crisis,'" Nuttall said

Nutall said the robber then walked away, leaving behind few details.

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