Caught On Cam Locker Booby Trap

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 8:35am

Gym thief nabbed by booby-trapped locker.

A Washington, DC gym found a unique way to catch one thief red handed...or, in this case, white-handed.

Thieves have been targeting lockers and stealing wallets at the Vida Fitness gym according to manager Chris Kopp.

Kopp had posted signs warning would-be thieves they're being watched by surveillance cameras, but he decided to take efforts a bit further.

He identified one thief by using an old Marine and college prank: putting flour in a locker.

Surveillance video shows a culprit doused by a puff of flour when he opens a locker.

He quickly left the gym, but had checked in at the front desk with his drivers license.

Kopp said he has a message for the thief: "Don't show your face here again. If you're working with any kind of gang or other organization, we don't want your kind here in the club. We don't want you here in the city, and quite frankly, we don't need it here."

The gym now has a photocopy of the suspect's drivers license at the front desk, with a warning that reads, "Do not allow access."

Police are also looking for the suspect.

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