Caught On Cam Car Vs Motorcycle

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - 9:22am

Traffic cameras record car as it runs red light and slams into motorcycle.

Colorado police have released unbelievable video of a car running a red light and barreling into a motorcycle - sending the rider flying through the air.

On April 30 Greg Edwards was on his bike at the intersection of Chambers Road and Iliff Avenue in Aurora when a driver ran a red light and struck him.

Video released by Aurora Police shows Edwards flying through the air before landing hard on his helmet.

"It's just amazing. It didn't look like me. It looked like a stunt dummy or something," Greg Edwards said. "The impact of the helmet sent my teeth right through my gum."

He also suffered a fractured femur and ankle, chipped teeth, as well as a gash on his lip that required six stitches to close.

"In the thigh area, I got a pin," Edwards said. "Down in the ankle area, they're gonna have to do some plastic surgery."

He will go back into surgery Tuesday to add a plate into his ankle.

Edwards says he's still iffy about getting on the bike again, but he does have an opinion about the red-light cameras that caught his crash.

He says the red-light cameras were useful at his old home in Virginia Beach.

"People used to run red lights all the time, but by putting that camera there it stopped," he said. "Cameras work. I think that's a good thing."

Aurora Police currently have red-light cameras at 10 intersections across the city.

"We're not naive, we don't think we can change everybody's behavior and prevent everybody from running red lights. But, anyone who sees that has to think twice about the consequences," Chief Daniel Oates with Aurora Police said. "People shouldn't run through red lights. That behavior should be addressed, should be sanctioned."

The 21-year-old driver who hit Edwards received a citation.

She declined to speak to reporters or say why she ran the light.

Aurora Police also want to point out that Edwards survived the crash because he was wearing all the proper motorcycle protective gear - including a helmet.

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