Caught On Cam Bear Tasered

Friday, June 1, 2012 - 12:50pm

Bear interrupts elementary school graduation before getting the shock of its life.

A young bear was tasered by an animal control officer after interrupting a graduation ceremony in Bakersfield, California Thursday.

The bear was caught on surveillance video scampering across the parking lot between Garza Elementary and Sierra Middle School.

"Some girls came in running, uh there's a bear in front of the school. It ran through the elementary school playground before heading to the apartments across the street," says Teresa Arambula, principal of Garza Elementary.

It quickly scampered into a nearby apartment complex, where it was cornered in a maintenance closet.

An animal control officer armed with a tazer and snare pole and a sheriff's deputy armed with a shotgun kept the bear at bay until backup arrived.

They tazed the animal several times as it pawed at the snare looped around its neck.

The bear was captured with just minor injuries and released by Fish and Game back into the wild.

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