Car heat dangers

Car heat dangers
Friday, May 24, 2013 - 4:18pm

Extreme heat is dangerous on so many levels and while we may take pre-cautions to be safe, our vehicles are also bearing the brunt.
So making sure you take the correct preventative maintenance steps is important:

Paco Hamelius is an Auto Mechanic out of McAllen  and he says, "With the heat, first of all you have to check for coolant leaks, you have to make sure your vehicle is capable of keeping up with the heat."

And this is the time of the year when temperatures begin to spike, we're talking scorching temperatures reaching well above 100-degrees.

When you're trying to save your car from the heat, The American Automobile Association shares these tips: check the battery to be mounted in place clean any corrosive build up, also make sure there's a proper cooling system . Both of these things can be checked and tested b y a trained technician.

And these are only a few of the pre-cautions you should take, tire pressure is also important one, if it's too low, your car can actually get hotter:
Hamelius says, "Yes, tire pressure is also an important one, you want to make sure it is at 35-33 dpi. "

This is especially important if you're planning for a long road trip

Car experts also say overheating is a sign of a bigger issue, so it's important your car is tested by a professional and this means checking what type of coolant your car requires and be extremely careful if attempting to refill your radiator, it's not an easy process, an improper refill can make for a dangerous situation.

and finally if you're one of the unfortunate stuck on an interstate while you're car heats up , don't open the hood, the strong steam can be dangerous instead call a nearby tow truck company or someone who can help.

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