Drug Smuggler Chase Throughout Hidalgo County

POSTED: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 - 9:34pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:33pm

**All Caught On Dash Cam Video**

A high speed chase leads police through several Valley cities.
A driver of a pickup truck, weaved in and out of traffic for hours.
It was all caught on Dash Cam Video.
The chase began in Penitas after noon.
Officers from several police departments chased the suspect from Penitas to Mission and around Hidalgo County on Expressway 83.
Finally, the man stopped in the La Joya area off Havana Street and Expressway 83.
He remains on the loose tonight.
This black pickup truck caused quite a commotion for officers.
"He did go thru all the city limits and like I said, he ended up where he started."
La Joya Police Officer, Joe Cantu says, this pick up driver, had them chasing him all over Hidalgo County.
He says, the heavy traffic on the Expressway, did not help, either.
"I want to stress when you hear a siren, look out the back, a lot of the private vehicles were not getting out of the way of the officers."
He says, "We had a hard time keeping up with them."
Cantu says, the suspect caused a few minor accidents.
One in which, the driver lost control, and two bundles of marijuana flew out of the truck bed.
That's when the driver ditched the truck, and the car chase turned into a foot chase.
Border Patrol agents chased the man.
Border Patrol went into the woods since their expertise is searching for people in the woods.
And Cops searched the truck.
Cantu says, "Inside the cab, there were 223 pounds of marijuana."
Drugs, he says, which were hidden in old washing machines.
The truck and the drugs are currently at the La Joya Police Department.
As for the suspect, they're still looking.
"We don't know, he could've gone in any direction."
Earlier, helicopters even flew over the area, searching for the man.

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