Campus Zombie Invasion

Friday, April 27, 2012 - 12:19pm

A Rhode Island professor has a creative way to teach students about infectious disease outbreaks.

Students are preparing for a zombie apocalypse at the University of Rhode Island.

They held a drill on campus, but this was no joke.

A pharmacy professor came up with an idea to teach students how to fight infectious disease outbreaks, by staging a zombie invasion.

If there was an outbreak of smallpox, flu or anthrax, the response would be the same as if zombies attacked.

Zombies are stumbling around URI's campus, looking for another victim.

Surprisingly it’s not theater class.

25 pharmacy students ran a mock dispensing clinic, and handed out anti-viral medication.

In this case, the medication was sour patch kids and gummy bears.

Pharmacy professor Jef Bratberg, who's also on the state's disaster medical assistance team, came up with the idea to teach students how to fight infectious disease outbreaks.

"Pharmacists are actually required for every single municipality all 39, there must be a pharmacist as part of that town’s plan to actually be onsite at the clinic to answer medication questions and deal with drug interactions, answer questions about medications to the population,” said Bratberg.

The students trained with dispensing kits donated by the town of Charlestown, R.I.
It is the real equipment used in an emergency.

The fake clinic lasted less than 2 hours, but likely one class these students will remember for a long time.

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