Campaign Trail: Romney's Taxes

Friday, August 17, 2012 - 2:40pm

The debate over Mitt Romney's taxes isn't going away.

Under pressure to release more of his tax returns Friday, Mitt Romney refused again and left the campaigning to his new running mate.

Paul Ryan was in Virginia, preaching debt reduction.

"We can't keep spending money don't have," he told supporters.

Romney's recent declaration that he's paid "at least 13 percent" in taxes for the past few years has put his campaign on the defensive.

He refused an offer from the Obama campaign that if he releases five years of returns, Team Obama won't ask for more.

Romney is also facing a new ad from a pro-Obama super PAC that points out the GOP candidate would pay only 1-percent in taxes under Paul Ryan's plan.

Ryan proposed no tax on capital gains, which made up most of Romney's income on the 2010 return he did release.

Meanwhile, the Ryan pick has brought the Romney campaign more money.

$10 million was raised this week, but so far Ryan has not delivered a big jump in poll numbers.

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