Campaign Trail: Battleground Virginia

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 2:34pm

President Obama and Mitt Romney hold dueling rallies in the key swing-state.

Both presidential candidates were in Virginia Thursday, once a Republican state that swung into President Obama's column last time and could be for grabs now.

Ten miles from the Pentagon, in Springfield, Virginia Mitt Romney spoke to veterans, blaming President Obama for the agreement, with Republicans, to slash defense spending if there's no budget deal by January 1st.

"The idea of cutting our military commitment by over a trillion dollars in this decade is unthinkable and devastating," Romney said.

Romney's polls in Virginia look potentially devastating.

He's trailing by 3 to 7%.

Romney backers like Dave Milne are worried.

"He's got to get a little more fire in the belly," Milne says.

"He needs to bring up the economy. It's all about the economy," adds Monica Cameron.

President Obama was in Virginia as well, pushing an elitist image of Romney in a TV ad to run in the state and putting faces on the 47% of Americans Romney said he sees as dependent on government.

"I see hardworking Virginians," the president said. "I see students trying to work their way thru college."

The president was with students who typically pay no income tax, like many soldiers.

Amid the cheering veterans at the Romney rally was Dave Klain, undecided, because, Klain says

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