Cameron Park Residents Want More Law Enforcement


POSTED: Friday, May 20, 2011 - 2:43pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 1:45pm

Cameron Park residents urge the sheriff's department to increase patrolling in the neighborhood after the recent massive raids that ended with the arrest of one of the alleged drug lords in Brownsville. The raids in Cameron Park happened over a week ago but residents remain a bit startled at the amount of law enforcement in the area that day.

"It’s just not a common thing here in the colonia."

Phylis Peters has lived in Cameron Park for nearly a decade and she says her neighborhood isn't so dangerous as everyone likes to think it is. Yes, there is a drug issue but she says other areas have the same or even worse problem.

"I’m not very well pleased with drug addicts and trafficking and things like that in this colonia but they're here and they're in every colonia and all over the United States."

Peters is happy with the recent raids but she still wants more vigilance in the area to prevent all criminal acts that make Cameron Park look bad.

"I think there should be. The police should make a regular control but it's really the county sheriff that does it but I don't the staff is too high"

The neighborhood had a sheriff's department substation in the past. There, people could report any illegal activity. That substation has been closed for several years now but this resident says it may re-open soon.

"Just today, just this morning, I called Ernie Hernandez, the commissioner for this county, for this precinct specifically and he said, we're planning to re-open the substation that we have there."

Right now, the substation is being utilized by investigators from the district attorney's office. They have been using the substation for a couple of years now investigating cases throughout the county.

Sheriff Omar Lucio tells News Center 23 he'll have at least one sheriff's deputy patrolling the area looking out for any criminal activity.