Cameron County Residents React After Commissioner's Court Meeting


POSTED: Monday, November 22, 2010 - 3:16pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 - 10:05am

Nearly three weeks have gone by and Cameron County residents are yet to know who their next county judge will be and so many people have lots to say about this.

"The election has a stench over it and that stench unfortunately is South Texas politics."

"It’s just unfortunate that Mr. Ortiz made a mistake. We’re human and no country, no county is error-free, so there was a mistake that was made."

Many John Wood and Carlos Cascos supporters came out and spoke up about the recent recount held two weekends ago and Commissioner's Court sure got an earful.

"There’s no reason for a lot of this noise that's being made for the recounts to be made. We ran a great campaign, a great recount and el que gana, gana."

"I just think the whole election needs to be investigated."

"It was a very organized process."

But others who were present at the recount, either as a counter or poll watcher, have mixed opinions about Election's Administrator, Roger Ortiz.

"I was there and I’ll put my hand on the bible if I have to go to court saying, he would literally, since the first ballots, there were these big paper clips, he would take off the clip and check to make sure they weren't stuck to each other. He did that to the end and I saw it with my eyes."

"When I hear some of the irregularities are bringing up, it surprises me because that's not what happened at all."

"He did not secure ballots as he should have. As for any recount at this stage, because of the alleged careless handling of the ballots by Roger Ortiz, no one can be sure of the integrity."

"He said he left and left it all secured so how is someone able to get to these votes to see there was a discrepancy. Explain that to me, Mr. Ortiz."

"We’re seeing maneuvering and trickery to prevent from the actual numbers being recorded."

"Everything should've been sealed, closed and left and we wouldn't be in this situation."

Many mixed feelings today, those who support Republican Incumbent, Carlos Cascos, want a thorough investigation by federal officials, while supporters of challenger, John Wood, are ecstatic to have precinct 54 re-counted.

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That is why Casco should be in charge he can count unlike Ortiz, Hinojosa, and Wood. It's over you guys have been busted twice for trying to twist an election. Ortiz ran out of hands so he couldn't finish counting the rigged election its over Wood throw in the towel and save what you have left.

Will have 54 recounted so the Dems have another chance to stuff more ballots.

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