Cameron County reopens beach accesses and Boca Chica beach

Friday, October 25, 2013 - 9:17am

Cameron County officials have reopened the county beaches after being closed for a day.

Beach access number 5, 6 and Boca Chica had been closed since Wednesday due to dangerous rip currents and high tides.

Late Thursday afternoon officials decided to reopen the access points and over the last couple of months the beaches have been temporarily closed several times.

Cameron County Emergency Coordinator Humberto Barrera stated the reasoning behind those closures saying, "We have seen some storms in the Gulf, tropical types storms, and we have seen some lows and depressions out in the Yucatan Peninsula. Anytime there is a weather event near the Gulf of Mexico, it does change the way our tides come in. We have seen more activity in the Gulf of Mexico therefore we have seen higher tides and seen more dangerous rip currents."

Several agencies weigh in on beach closures including the County Judge and the Cameron County Emergency Management Department.

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